Online Drum Tracks

I can provide great sounding drum tracks from my home studio. I have a ton of drum gear, from vintage to modern. Any tone, any timbre. I enjoy experimenting and finding new sounds, or honing in on “classic” sounds.


~ Email - Send your song or project in mp3 or whatever format, with the BPM, via email. If it feels necessary, best describe what you are going for. For specifics, include details like a particular artist, band or drummer's style you may be hearing, a style of groove you feel, where you may want breaks or fills, dynamic changes, as well as things you don't want. Email me at

​~ Payments can be made old school by check, or via PayPal, through my email address.​  To learn more about PayPal, go to​

~ I can send tracks in any preferred format, and preferred quality. I can send raw tracks, as well as a stereo drum mix upon request.

To submit your material or if you have any questions, email me at